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    Organic Manure

    Organic Manure Fruits & Vegetable waste – 450g


    ● Only use for Kitchen Gardens, Home Gardens, Flowers, Potted Plants
    ● Quantity – 500g
    ● Container Type – Bag
    ● No Returns Applicable
    ● Credit & Debit Card Payments


    ● Enriches the productivity of the soil.
    ● Helps to maintain a proper biological balance inside the soil.
    ● Helps in attaining high-quality produce.
    ● Helps in better water retention.
    ● Improves the immune system of plants.
    ● Gives strong stability to the roots.

You can buy vermicompost online these days because most of the E-Commerce websites are selling vermicompost as one of their best sellers. The reason why vermicompost is becoming extremely popular on eCommerce websites is that there is an enormous demand for the same. People always look forward to buying more supply of organic compost.

Before Buying vermicompost know it is

Before you buy vermicompost online, it’s a good idea to truly understand what exactly is vermicompost and why it is needed. Vermicompost is mostly a combination of two words Vermi and compost. Vermi means worms and compost is a form of natural fertilizer. So together vermicompost means and organic compost created with the help of Vermi or Worms.

The worms utilised to create vermicompost are not the regular earthworms. These are special ones that have got the capability of adding a high level of NPK into the compost. They also combine extra elements to the compost that includes Cytokinins, Worm Mucus, and microbes. The most commonly used worms are red wigglers(Eisenia fetida)and white worms(Enchytraeus buchholzi, Grindal worms). These worms are quite expensive. It’s not easy to find them, still, if you’re looking forward to beginning a mini vermicomposting unit in your backyard, then you can contact agriculture universities in India for the procurement of red wigglers and white worms. Once you have the product available for sales then you may attract customers to your website who would like to buy vermicompost online.

Buying Vermicompost is easy making takes time

When you buy vermicompost online, you click a buy now button on the seller’s website and then enter your credit card information. Within 2-3 days the seller sends vermicompost to you in proper packaging. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t so easy, there is a large process involved in converting the vegetable waste into an extremely efficient organic fertilizer also known as vermicompost.

The red wigglers and white worms are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity. That is why farmers or production units maintain proper control of moisture and heat throughout the production process.

Composting companies use specialized containers that are also known as vermicomposting bins or Organic composting bins. These bins have multiple layers. The lowest section of the chamber is utilized to collect the compost tea. It is a beneficial fertilizer available in liquid form.

Once the composting bin is filled with bedding, fresh cow dung, vegetable waste, and worms. It takes about 8 to 10 weeks to convert the entire material into vermicompost.

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